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Welcome to LOVAPROJEKT! 

We are trusted advisors, negotiators, developers and co-investors 

transforming sites and buildings all over Europe

into Data Centers and Hybrid Data Buildings.

Entrepreneurial Solutions for Real Estate & Technology

What Louisa Is Asked Frequently

Digital transformation faces two challenges:


The real estate industry is dealing with these issues for more than 5.000 years. 

In the century of AI and Supercomputing, the questions are:


Where should all the Gigawatts of electricity required for AI come from?

Can we really afford to arrange all the data centers around the North Pole?

How should we allocate the energy between data processing and other uses?

We do not have all the answers, but we always come up with smart solutions. 

In Fast Changing Times, Experience Can Be A Reliable Partner

> € 2 bn


> 30 Years

Total Transactions Value Involvement
of Our Managing Partner

Of Our Employees Are Special People. Inclusion Made Happen. 

Of Innovative Solutions in Real Estate and Technology

Excellent Track Record In Various Situations 

Real Estate Development, Investments, Financing, Complex Transactions, Founding of a 

Data Center-Operator and of a Crowdfunding-Platform, we´ve done it all, and successfully.


Team Spirit Based On Quantum Inclusion

Educations in Business Admin, Economics, Philosophy, Computer Science
and Montessori enable us to use our Human Minds to empower Artificial Intelligence.

Sustainable Real Estate Emerges From A Convergence Of Situation, Human Creativity And Technology - Always and Everywhere.

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